Safety Tips For The Dog Park

Safety Tips For The Dog Park

  • Take your dog to the veterinarian to be sure he/she is current on vaccines, flea/tick and intestinal parasite preventatives before exposing to other dogs at the dog park.

  • Know how to control your dog if a problematic situation arises by teaching them basic commands.

  • Find an ideal spot to keep your dog safe while playing. Ask around for recommendations and do your research.

  • Pack some basic supplies such as a leash, toys, bags for waste disposal and drinking water until you know what the dog park provides.

  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times. Be prepared to quickly and safely remove your dog should a situation arise.

  • Use caution if a fight occurs. Never try to intervene physically as you may be injured. A horn, water or tossing an object are the best ways to break up the dogs.

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